The many health benefits of green tea presented by IE Green Tea

IE Green Tea, the makers of the highly acclaimed flavored green tea brand, breaks down the many benefits of green tea packets in their latest blog post. Why green tea should be part of a regular diet

The latest blog post from IE Green Tea talks about the many benefits of their Green Tea Liquid Packets. While the benefits of green tea are well known, many people have assumptions that are not based on fact. The media and the internet have done green tea a great disservice, often touting benefits that are not medically proven. However, IE Green Tea, one of the most popular brands of flavored green tea, smashes the record in its latest blog post. The article discusses in detail the known benefits of drinking green tea and why it should be a part of everyone’s diet.

IE Green Tea

In recent years, green tea has become a major talking point for many health professionals. Doctors, researchers, and bloggers have mostly come out with data in favor of daily green tea consumption. However, there are many misconceptions about the consumption of this drink, most of which are not rooted in science. For example, while green tea has a thermogenic effect that can burn calories, three or four cups flavored green tea will not be enough to balance the scales if the person in question has recently eaten a cheeseburger. Also, drinking green tea when it’s cold does not raise a person’s body temperature to a point where it no longer feels cold.

As a green tea company, IE Green Tea has broken the record in the latest blog post with scientifically backed claims. Readers can read the entire article by visiting the brand’s official website at:

“I think it’s important to dispel a lot of the myths surrounding green tea consumption. Sure, green tea is probably one of the easiest drinks to prepare and one of the most beneficial for your health. In our opinion, almost everyone can and should drink green tea. We don’t advise overdoing it, but honestly, unless you’re sensitive to caffeine, you can’t overdo it with our flavored green tea. Those who are sensitive to caffeine should and should stay away from caffeinated drinks anyway, but for everyone else it’s the perfect drink.” Said a representative from IE Green Tea.

she added “We have seen an increase in the number of green tea buyers in recent years. Many people consume it as an alternative to regular tea, coffee or cold drinks. It is a much healthier alternative that will help shed excess weight provided it is paired with exercise and improves mental clarity. All of this makes it the perfect drink, along with many other benefits.”

Years of research into green tea consumption has shown that it is very beneficial, preventing everything from cancer to obesity. However, there is still a lot of research being done, and many people are confident that other reported benefits are backed up with hard scientific data.

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IE Green Tea distributes a brand of the highest quality liquid green tea in concentrated packets known for its many health benefits. The brand prides itself on selling the best green tea on the market that offers all of the advertised health benefits at a competitive price.

To learn more about IE Green Tea, its benefits, how the brewing process came about from years of experimentation and partnerships with tea experts, and where the tea comes from (as a note: note that this is an exclusive mountain that provides nutritional rich minerals), visit the website at

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