How To Plan A Bathroom Design Project

The bathroom may be a small space, but it’s often one of the most used rooms in the home. It’s also a challenging room to design because it requires careful consideration of the space and materials. A professional designer can help you navigate the process and come up with a plan that suits your taste and meets your needs.

During the planning phase, it’s important to decide whether you want your bathroom to be an oasis of tranquility or a showcase of eye-catching designs. If you’re going for a spa-like look, consider using natural materials such as stone or wood in the vanity and tub surround. Using a wide array of tiles on floors and walls can create an interesting pattern that’s pleasing to the eye.

A professional Bathroom Design build firm will help you choose from a range of fixtures and surfaces that are appropriate for the space. They will also ensure the layout of your new bathroom is safe and up to code. This is an essential step, especially if you’re considering moving plumbing lines or adding a shower-tub combo to your bathroom.

Your budget is another important factor when making decisions about your bathroom renovation. A professional can provide you with a cost estimate for your project and suggest ways to reduce costs by changing the scope of the work or by choosing less expensive fixtures.

If your bathroom is small and dated, you can make it feel larger by changing the lighting and adding more storage. The right light fixture can cast a warm glow that makes the space feel cozy and inviting. Sullivan recommends recessed lighting as well as wall sconces near your mirrors. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you might even want to add a window to brighten up the space.

Clutter can easily take over a small bath, but with the right organization and smart decorating, you can create a clean, fresh space. Keep everyday toiletries separate from items you use for a special nighttime bath, or when hosting guests. This will prevent you from forgetting a necessary item, such as shampoo or conditioner.

Changing out your window treatments, rugs, towels, and shower curtains can instantly update any bath. You don’t need to lift a hammer to make a big impact on a room, though—a bold-patterned wallpaper can create a focal point without taking up much floor space. Paint is a quick and easy way to refresh a room, too. Aim for a color that will complement your existing fixtures and the overall palette of the space.

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