Why It Is Important To Have An Asbestos Inspection Before Renovating Or Demolishing Your Property

Asbestos may cause lung cancer and mesothelioma in those who are exposed to it. It was used in a wide variety of building materials prior being removed in 1987, including insulation, building cement pipes and flooring materials as well as ceiling tiles. If you own an older home in the Brisbane area and plan on renovating or demolishing it then it is vital to have it tested for asbestos. This can be accomplished by a reputable Asbestos Testing Brisbane company who will conduct a thorough examination of the entire building to find any asbestos-related materials. The team will analyze samples of suspected material to determine whether asbestos is present or not. They will also meticulously note the location of the samples and evaluate its condition. This will determine whether asbestos is friable, and needs to be removed by an asbestos removalist Brisbane.

Based on your requirements Based on your requirements, Asbestos Inspection Brisbane will recommend the appropriate level of air monitoring. Air monitoring can be done as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with other services such as demolition and cleanup packages or an asbestos management plan and register for the property. Under Queensland Work Health and Safety legislation all commercial structures built prior to 1990 are required to have an asbestos register and a management plan on site.

It is recommended that if you’re thinking in purchasing a residential home which could be asbestos-contaminated, you test it before signing any contracts. You can rest in peace of mind knowing that the home is not contaminated with asbestos. If you plan to sell a property then it is recommended that you have it tested for asbestos prior placing it on the market. This will allow buyers to be provided with a copy of the Asbestos Test Report which will give them confidence that the property is asbestos-free. It is an excellent idea to incorporate this with a pre-sales Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane.

The Asbestos Testing Brisbane team will perform a comprehensive inspection of the entire property to find any potential ACM (asbestos containing material). This is often done during the time that the building is being constructed in order to allow the team easier access to all areas of the property. This can save time and money for an Asbestos Inspection Brisbane.

Contact us via our website or phone us at 131546 should you have any questions. Our team is happy to assist you. Within 24 hours following the inspection, our reports are available to be emailed. If samples are needed for testing, they will be ready in 3-5 days. Asbestos Testing Brisbane is a essential element of any construction project. It can help you avoid costly repairs and health issues.

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