In Motion Physical Therapy publishes an eBook on playing tennis without injury

dr Lauren Schnidman’s eBook, 6 Essential Tips for Pain Free Tennis, was recently published by In Motion Physical Therapy. dr Schindman is a leading expert on sports injuries.

Physiotherapy in motion is one of Chicago’s premier physical therapy centers for sports injuries and other issues related to impaired routine body movement and pain. dr Lauren Schnidman, the founder and chief medical officer of In Motion Physical Therapy, has published an eBook that is available on the company’s website. The eBook entitled “6 important tips for pain-free tennis“, is the result of Dr. Schnidman’s years of experience treating multiple tennis players and her love of the game.

Physiotherapy in motion

The eBook is a guide for recreational and professional tennis players who want to play the game for the rest of their lives but don’t injuries and body aches. The eBook begins with an introduction to why tennis players must follow the advice in the books and the benefits they will derive from following the advice within. Next, the book dives into the six proven strategies that all tennis players should incorporate into their routine to play a game free of pain and injury.

A brief overview of the strategies is as follows:

Strategy #1: Stretch

Stretching is the most basic yet most important exercise. Dynamic stretching is the preferred approach as it allows joints and muscles to go through their full range of motion before the game.

Strategy #2: Strengths

Strength training reduces joint tension, the possibility of injury and other related diseases. It also allows the body to perform better during the game and increases the intensity of the shots while improving the skill and speed of the game.

Strategy #3: Cross Training

In addition to tennis, the book recommends including other sporting activities in the daily routine. The practice is called cross training.

Strategy #4: Make sure you have the right gear

Invest some time and resources testing different racquet and string tension combinations to find the perfect setup. It can help players to handle the equipment safely and thus play better.

Strategy #5: Get help from a coach!

Tennis injuries are often caused by poor technique. A competent and qualified trainer can help identify these errors in technique and take corrective action.

Strategy #6: Get an evaluation from a physical therapy specialist

Finally, get yourself examined by a specialist in physical therapy. Specialists can help players understand movement patterns with a more thorough and holistic approach. Therapists also help identify parts of the body where movement is restricted or where muscle stability is compromised. dr Lauren Schnidman is a Tennis Performance Specialist (CTPS). Her history as a tennis player and years of experience as a CTPS allowed her to develop specific treatment regimens that help patients achieve much better outcomes.

For more details on the recommendations, see the book that can be downloaded from the In Motion Physical Therapy official website: Just fill out a small form and get the free book titled “6 Important Tips for Pain-Free Tennis”.

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Physiotherapy in motion

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