Codebros announces the release of its warehouse management software Ware-H

Codebros Ware-H warehouse management software gives companies in the industry the ability to manage a warehouse’s inventory, sales, purchases, employees and payments.

Codebros, a modest software development company based in Singapore, has announced that it is releasing its innovative warehouse management software, Ware-H. Easy to install and with multiple language options, it’s designed to make inventory management convenient, simple, and accurate.

Codebros Ware-H warehouse management software gives companies in the industry the power to manage a warehouse’s inventory, sales, purchases, employees and payments through an innovative and easy-to-use dashboard interface. In addition, the system has white-label capabilities and is available as standalone software or as a SaaS model.

Customers have multiple options when implementing the software, including client-server installation, full-service management via a Codebros hosted instance, or setting up a standalone software. Each installation instance takes only a few minutes via an installation wizard that guides the user through each step. Once installed, admin users have the ability to create staff logins and set permissions based on user access needs.

Codebros – develops software and tools that usually simplify complex processes.

Key features include product management such as adding new products, managing product tax, printing barcodes, and other useful industry-specific tasks. There is also the ability to create new purchase invoices for new inventory and create requests for transferring internal inventory between different stores. The software also supports sales management. Users create new sales invoices for customers, automatically calculate prices based on quantity, taxes, and apply discounts.

From a customer perspective, Ware-H’s warehouse management tool is designed to make life easier when making or receiving payments. Employees can create new supplier-specific payments, receive payments from customers and monitor all payments in both directions. In addition, warehousing companies can manage any expenses that may arise, while users or management can create new expense categories that include the amount, apply date stamps, and add attached notes.

Ease of use and easy-to-understand information are some of the key selling points that the Codebros team has carefully focused on. The dashboard is easy to navigate, understand, and customize, saving time on employee training. When a user logs in, they are greeted with a summary showing monthly and total sales, purchases, and total profit/loss for the last 10 days. Using the menu on the left, system users can view and print reports covering sales, purchases and inventory levels in more detail.

Codebros is a Singapore software development company that believes its warehouse management software will not only become a useful tool for any warehousing business, but one that will eventually become a core part of the industry. From a central login, users have full control over every aspect of the warehouse, be it to monitor sales, payments, expenses or purchases.

A senior web developer at Codebros said, “Our goal was to make the hectic day-to-day management of warehouses so much easier. We are confident that once our tool is set up and customized for a specific warehouse, it will make it so much easier to keep track of stock levels, sales, purchases and much more

payments. When used correctly, the tool can be customized to give specific employees access to specific features, allowing your warehouse management teams to manage your warehouse’s daily in and out operations.”

About Codebros

Codebros strives to develop software and tools that simplify normally complex processes. The Codebros team consists of experienced web developers, mobile developers, programmers, programmers and IT consultants who work together to develop custom solution-based software for specific business needs. This latest software release is further proof of the qualities that Codebros and his team possess and continue to develop.

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